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Meet your coach

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At 32 years old weighing in at 252lbs with high blood, pre-diabetic, sleep apnia, constant headaches and numerous other issues he began his fight to regain control of his health.  After many years of working on his own journey, James decided that he wanted to make an impact in the lives of others wanting to do the same. After gaining certifications through NASM, ISSA, ACTION, and PTAGlobal he attended the National Personal Training Institute in Tampa to get a deeper understanding of how to best help his clients. FIT365 LLC was officially launched in March of 2019. Since then, James has been able to help many clients become stronger, faster, leaner, and healthier versions of themselves. Ultimately taking back their health just like he did.


Putting the personal back into personal training, and the science back into fitness

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Get a full body workout in 15 min with this powerful patented technology that just hit the market! Approved by the FDA and backed by science. This EMS technology is the future of fitness as its benefits far outweight those found in traditional training methods. 

Check out our NEW 3D Body Scanner! 

Body Fat Analysis

Determine body composition and non-fat vs fat mass every time you scan. 

Compare your fitness level with the national averages and see how you rank.

3D Image

Get a 3D image of your body and then have a image overlay which will give a visual representation of where the body is changing and see the inches melt away!

Fat Loss Calculator

Set fat loss goals for body fat % and fitness level, and track progress across multiple scans.  Reach your goal in a specific amount of time by setting the amount of weight per week you would like to lose. 

Body Composition Readings

Get accurate data about the changes happening to your body on the inside. Body fat %, lean muscle mass, bone density, and more. 

Caloric Expenditure

The scanner will determine the required calorie deficit per day to meet your goal. Explore your energy balance by setting your desired activity level to meet your goal and calculate your maximum calorie intake.

Circumference Measurements

Get 14+ different measurements from neck, arms, chest, waist, hips, thighs and calves. 



FIT365 LLC made its mandate to put the "personal" back into personal training. Although there is plenty of great trainers out there, the majority of the industry has lost their way and became more concerned with profits than results. FIT365 LLC commits to always put the clients needs above their own and to deliver top quality service at all times. Each program is designed specifically with each clients goals, lifestyle and limitations in mind.  






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Come have some FUN with us at FIT365 KIDS!

Group Classes

Private Sessions

Nutrition Classes

We here at FIT365 LLC strongly believe that teaching children about health and fitness at a young age will help them through life as they learn about body awareness, respect for themselves and others, along with building self confidence.

We at FIT365 LLC have made it a priority to influence our children to engage in a more active lifestyle and to embrace the importance of a positive healthy relationship with food.

Coach Shannon is not just some coach / trainer that thought it would be a good idea to offer a kids program to beef up sales. Her heart is with children, her academic studies are all focused on health and nutrition with 2 Masters and a Bachelors and she has spent the last 12 years working with our youth.

Sign up today and lets encourage our youth to embrace a healthy lifestyle that will set the foundation for a better, brighter, and healthier future.

I used to compete in Bodybuilding before I got injured. I thought I knew it all and that I didn't need a trainer. Well, after getting the Rona-19, and seeing another's results from working with James, I decided to give him a go. If anything, I just needed someone to help me with accountability and consistency. Well, I am getting that and much more by working with James. His schedule is incredibly flexible, he's understanding and pushes me to my limits... every time. I've lost about 25lbs of fat and am steadily increasing muscle. He takes great care in assuring we do not aggravate my past injuries and he keeps in regular contact to seek feedback after a workout and to stay on my radar for my commitments to the plan. I could honestly say I'm much happier with my current results and I could probably go at it alone... but I don't want to. Working with James is invaluable to my success and there is still work to do!


James is a fabulous coach and I would highly recommend him to anyone. He helped me transform my body with his assistance I went from being unhealthy and fat at 186 lb down to 139 lbs in a little over a year and competed in my first figure competition. We did this safely without injury. His experience is very diverse to help with all aspects of fitness, desires and goals. He is a true professional with many years of experience. Do not hesitate to hire him as your personal trainer!!!!


I have been training g with James for a year and a half. We discussed my goals for weight loss and toning up front. James creates workouts that target my wants and needs as well as making sure they are done correctly and safely. He is constantly continuing his education in nutrition, weight training and competition. James understands that all of his clients bodies respond differently to different diets and workouts so he pays attention and is very innovative and creative and has a personal plan for each individual client.
I am very pleased with my progress. I couldn’t have done it without James constant encouragement and his confidence in me. You can always contact him with questions and or concerns. We are partners in my progress.


Working out with James is awesome! He is so committed to his clients and really listens to your goals and how you’d like to achieve them. He put together meal plans for me as well as workout plans and consistently checks in with me throughout the week. The amount of personal investment and dedication he shows to his clients is really admirable! Really genuine guy!


I have trained with James for over a year now. Before I even started training with him, he sat down with me to learn my goals, my strengths and my weaknesses. James is very dedicated to what he does and he truly cares about his clients. When you train with him, he is extremely focused on you, making sure your form is correct and that you are doing the exercise the right way so that you don't get hurt. I have watched many trainers while working with a client, be on their phone, or looking around and not paying close attention. People can get hurt that way. I have been corrected many times by James and I am very thankful for it. The last thing I need is to get hurt. I have some knee problems and James is always watching and teaching me proper form and how not to get hurt. I would highly recommend James as a trainer. He has the knowledge and the dedication to help you be the best that you can be.


James is hands down the best trainer I have ever worked with! Challenging as hell, but always has your safety in mind. If you don’t work with this guy, you are losing out!!


FIT365 Has been the best personal training experience I’ve ever experienced. James is not only professional, but encouraging and keeps you accountable and on track to reach your fitness goals. He communicates with me daily and answers any questions I have whether it be related to my nutrition and meals or my workout plan. If you’re looking for a personal trainer to help you reach your goals, you should chose Coach James at FIT365!


James has trained me for approximately 8 months, during this time I gained muscle and definition, which I never had prior. He was all about safety and form, which was important to me due to my age (61). He taught me so much about Nutrition and not the number on my scale. He kept me focused and motivated. When I got discouraged he always showed me a prior picture of my success and to: "TRUST THE PROCESS" I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT! Training takes time and true dedication.


Working with James at Fit365 has been great! Not only has he helped me achieve my goals of getting fit and healthy, but he has done so safely. I've had 2 neck fusions, lumbar fusion, shoulder surgery and multiple knee operations, so to find someone that can take into consideration my health issues and to modify and create new plans to challenge me has been awesome! I'm in the best shape if my life, and there's no way I could have done that without James!! Thanks for all your help and continued effort!


My 18 week Progress with one of the Best Trainers in the Business (James Suriano)! Down 23lbs, It feels amazing to look in the mirror and see the changes as my once tight clothes are now baggy. My energy level has been off the charts, especially at work which is very physical at times. The compliments from friends are very encouraging, however the best part is buying new, smaller sized clothes!


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