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My weight is going up and down! What happened?

1. Fat Loss does NOT change week to week

To be clear: fat weight does NOT change significantly day to day, it takes weeks for it to show up on the scale… if you are stressing yourself out by focusing on the outcome rather than the process… you will decide to quit pre-maturely - which is the opposite of what you want.

Here is my biggest advice as a Coach: The #1 factor that causes people to not make progress is self-stress and quitting.

2. Water Weight

The body holds more than 5-10% water when it goes through a detox or stress… for some clients who weigh 192 pounds, thats as much as 5-10 POUNDS of water that the body is holding on to at any given moments.

We have many clients on our rosters who weigh the exact same for 2 weeks and then dropped 5 pounds over night…. what changed? Just that the body got used to the new weight and felt comfortable to release the water.

That may or not be the case with you, but we need to collect the data and not make quick changes if we want to make this a sustainable change for you.

3. Weekly Plan Updates

This is why you have a coach.

The # on the scale is for US as coaches to be able to have the data to know how to update your program. That's it. So don't let it scare you!

4. Focus on what you CAN control

The # on the scale is an outcome - you cannot control that directly because it will go up and down depending on a number of factors. But what you CAN control is if you are following the program.

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